Fruzsina Rönky Hungarian Artist


Starting in 1979, I was a folk dancer, a member of the KISZ Central Artist Group and then the Talentum Cultural Forum for 14 years.
Between 1990 and 1995 as a dancer and supporting actor I was part of the choreographies and musicals of various theatres – such as Vígszínház, Pesti Színház, Vidám Színpad, etc. – in Budapest, Hungary.

I also played in different commercials for PostaBank, Suzuki, Plussz effervescent tablet, etc.

I have been a dancer for the Hungarian band  Pa-Dö-Dö since 1992.

For 1 year I was a member of the Hungarian ATN women rap dance group

For 2 years I was a member of the Hungarian HTN women rap dance group

I also organized and executed media tours for radio stations


I am the writer of approximately 70 songs released for Hungarian bands and singers like Bon-Bon, Regina Dukai, Éliás Junior, Fresh, Nika, Sugar and Spice, To Hot, Miraz, R-Port, Szonja Oroszlán (soundtrack for the Hungarian movie „Valami Amerika” – Something America), Balázs Bruchmann („Kapcsold ki!” – Turn it off; per the request of the Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development). Pa-Dö-Dö, ATN, HTN, Spigiboy, Timo, DJ Newtone – Krisztián Bartók, Bubble Gum, Ditti, Éden, Niki Belucci, Dopeman feat. Regina Dukai.


2001 – Juventus Mix / Golden Record, Platinum Record

2002 – Valami Amerika (Something America) soundtrack / Golden Record

2002 – Juventus Mix / Golden Record

2004 – Juventus Mix / Golden Record

2004 – Juventus HOT Mix / Golden Record

2005 – Juventus Mix / Golden Record

2007 – Lola – Álomtánc (Dream Dance) / Golden Record

2003 – 2013 I was the manager of the internationally celebrated Hungarian DJ, Niki Belucci


I consider myself a compulsive artist since 2014. Niki Belucci



Most of my painted works depict visions I have while I’m awake or in meditative state. I’m most interested in our universe. 


ELEVEN DESIGN Weekend May 9-11th, 2014

Museum of Etnography – 21st Bethlehem Crib exhibition December 21st, 2014 – January 11th 2015 has made a video clip about my work and used Bálint Bársony and Friends’ meditative music with Tibetan Singing bowls.

Contemporary exhibit in April 2015 in Kazán Restaurant Bistro 

A 6-week exhibit of my selected works titled „The universe” at the Debrecen University starting on November 28th, 2015.


I’ve created and designed a sailing brand called H2O COLLECTION ByRönky


H2O video


Colourful wooden objects, clogs:

I like to create objects that give me a good feeling whenever I look at them.

Facebook: Happy Collection


2011 – 2015 BIO DE JANEIRO

I’m both a songwriter and performer of Bio de Janeiro, a Hungarian music formation. Our team has only one motivation: to enjoy making music together. We do not promote any of the songs that we make, only publish them online.

Soundcloude Bio de Janeiro

Youtube Bio de Janeiro

Facebook Bio de Janeiro



Pécel FM – radio host and music editor of Jelly Funk since March, 2013

Nincs Radio – radio host and music editor of FunkyOne since 2013

KultFM – radio host and music editor of FilozoFunk since November 2013


Children’s arts and crafts activities:

I’ve been running arts and crafts workshops in the Kesztyűgyár Community House in the 8th district of Budapest since spring 2015.

I’ve been teaching folk dance at the „Majd megnövök én” (I will grow up once) kindergarten of the Hungarian Baptistaid since fall 2015.


I wrote a tale for adults titled „Auguszta”.

I’m currently in the process of painting illustrations for the book, which will be exhibited when the book is published.